The Truth Behind The Use Of MSG

As a family owned and operated business, Don’s Smokehouse has always produced the type of food we want on our tables. This includes making all our food items from jerky to sausages without the use of MSG, gluten, or dextrose. We have even cut the sodium levels in our products from 37% to just 6%, something we are very proud of for the health of all our customers.

To understand why this is such as passion of ours, and why we don’t use MSG, it is essential to understand the very real dangers of using this chemical in food. This isn’t just our opinion and doctors and researchers have been recommending people avoid consuming MSG for years.

What is MSG?

MSG is the short version of Monosodium glutamate, which is a flavor enhancer and also a naturally occurring non-essential amino acid. It is found in nature in foods such as tomatoes, potatoes, and mushrooms, as well as in some cheeses. In natural foods it is not linked to any health issues, but in the large concentrations and altered form used in processed foods and in some cuisines it causes a range of symptoms.

The FDA or Federal Drug Administration in the United States classifies MSG as “generally recognized as safe” although that is also qualified by the specific quantity consumed. It must be listed with the ingredients of any food items sold in the USA. Europe has more stringent requirements for use of the ingredient.

The Effects

The effects of MSG are typically noted after eating foods with high concentrations of the product. Remember, this is found in many different processed foods, so it is easy to consume more than the recommended amount.

For people with sensitivity, the effects of consuming MSG can be very similar to that of cardiovascular problems. It is not uncommon for people to have symptoms such as:

  • Nausea and weakness
  • Headaches
  • Flushing and sweating
  • Numbness or feelings of tightness in the face, neck and chest
  • Heart palpitations and chest pains
  • Hives and skin rashes

Research has shown that MSG acts as a mild stimulant to the nervous system. For some people, the effects are more significant, and those individuals are said to have a sensitivity to MSG. To make this more complicated, MSG sensitivity can be cumulative, so with repeated high levels of ingestion even those without reactions may find the symptoms develop over time.

With mounting evidence about the dangers of this food additive, we have made the conscious and informed decision just to eliminate it from our products. That makes us feel great, and we know it will make you feel great too.

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