About Us

Who Are We?

Don’s Smokehouse was established in 1963 in Garland, Texas by my father, Don Davis. After being a meat cutter in the United States Air Force, he started his dream of having his own butcher shop. He operated in Garland, TX until 1982 then relocated to Waco, TX to a larger facility. There, he and his wife Dorothy expanded and grew the quality meats and services that made you a part of the family. He expanded by doing gun shows all over the great state of Texas. He soared over the competition like eagles with his experience and customer service. In 2000, my father passed away. With Dorothys’ approval and blessing, I was allowed to continue his legacy and carry on his lifetime of age old recipes and customer service that make you feel right at home. It feels great to follow and carry on my fathers dream. I know every time a customer says “Don’s Smokehouse”, my father smiles down on me. We have grown and expanded, giving manufactured foods a good name with dramatically reduced sodium levels. We never use bi-products, MSG, dextrose or gluten. I make these for my family and strive, as my father did, to offer only the very best.


I have been blessed with two handsome boys and twin girls. At an early age, my daughter Courtney dealt with kidney failure and went on dialysis for a short time. After a short while and hard work from Children’s Hospital, she recovered. After returning home, her diet dramatically changed. No salt, no MSG, low fat, etc… The entire family’s diet changed. I wondered about all of my father’s recipes at my butcher shop. So I gutted ALL recipes of unnecessary ingredients used by processors as tricks of the trade. We use no MSG and reduced sodium levels from 37% to only 6%. No gluten or dextrose. My daughter was okay to eat all of our products. That makes me feel good giving processors a good name.