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XXX Hot Jerky
$ 8.00

XXX Hot Jerky

$ 8.00

This 4 ounce package of freshly made XXX Hot Jerky is the spiciest flavor of jerky that we sell and a fan favorite. 100% pure beef ground without elbows or knees and pressed into a common jerky stick. As with all of our jerky recipes, there is absolutely no MSG, gluten or bi-products in the ingredients. The sodium content and level of preservatives is minimally low.

The shelf life of the XXX Hot Jerky is two weeks, which is why you can always expect Don’s Smokehouse jerky to be the freshest, but can also be frozen indefinitely to preserve freshness.

XXX Hot Jerky Highlights

  • 100% pure beef
  • Low Sodium Levels
  • Low Preservative Levels
  • No Bi-Products
  • No MSG
  • No Gluten
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